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    To become a participating member of the Hot Spots ClubCard program, Simply complete and submit the form below.      
    (To include your establishment in the Hot Spots Listing section complete and submit the Listing Form.)   

  Hot Spots Magazine is the most comprehensive entertainment & "Things to Do" publication on the market today! This high quality, color, glossy, national magazine gives you, the reader, a tour through the exciting world of entertainment. 
  In addition to the many feature stories, celebrity interviews, and over 30 categorized sections (ranging from movies, television, theme parks, clubs, sports, health and fitness to theatre, dining, fashion, travel destinations, casino's and gaming), Hot Spots offers thousands of entertainment listings that will help you discover America's entertainment, activity, cultural and travel "Hot Spots."

    The Hot SpotsClubCard  will be honored at thousands of entertainment establishments nationwide. This special club will give your establishment nationwide exposure, new customers and offer our subscribers the opportunity to visit and enjoy countless new entertainment venues nationwide. 
    Hot Spots Magazine ,  & the Hot SpotsClubCard offers the largest array of entertainment categories on the market today! 

  * Members are obligated to honor the discounts described below to any and all persons holding a valid Hot SpotsClubCard  for a period of one year from the activation date listed below. 

  * Only subscribers to Hot Spots Magazine are eligible for the Hot Spots ClubCard & FREE membership in the Hot SpotsClubCard  program. 
   *A listing of participating establishment members is available On-Line at

    Hot Spots recommends offering at least a 10% discount when presented with the Hot SpotsClubCard .  In addition to any other offer made by the participating establishment. Special access privileges are also recommended.

    * There is no charge for participation in the Hot SpotsClubCard program.
    Hot Spots will charge a $25 Processing Fee for your initial listing Information (See Listing Form). If you require listings in additional categories please add $10 for each multiple listing. Only one listing is allowed per category. 
    (Please complete and submit the Listing Order Form.)

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Hot SpotsClubCard Participation Contract 

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E-Mail   Activation Date: June 1, 2005

Please include the above named establishment in the Hot Spots Listing Section.  I will submit the completed Hot Spots Listing Form.
    By Submitting this form, the above discounts and/or privileges shall be honored to Hot Spots Club Card holders for a period of one year from the activation date. These privileges shall be honored by the above named establishment, by the current owners and/or future owners throughout this time period.

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