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  Hot Spots Magazine is the most comprehensive entertainment & "Things to Do" publication on the market today! This high quality, color, glossy, national magazine gives you, the reader, a tour through the exciting world of entertainment. 
  In addition to the many feature stories, celebrity interviews, and over 30 categorized sections (ranging from movies, television, theme parks, clubs, sports, health and fitness to theatre, dining, fashion, travel destinations, casino's and gaming), Hot Spots offers thousands of entertainment listings that will help your guests discover your cities entertainment, activity, cultural and dining "Hot Spots."

  * For a limited time your business will receive a banner advertisement and will be listed On-Line on hotspotsmag.com  at no additional charge. (With a minimum order of 500 copies of Hot Spots Magazine.) 

    In addition, your listing will appear quarterly in Hot Spots Magazine upon completion of this form and payment of your room copy order. The processing fee for your listing shall be waived. 
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    Hot Spots will charge $1 per copy (That's 75% off the cover price) with a minimum order of 100 copies. A shipping fee of $50 per one hundred pounds will be invoiced to you upon receipt of delivery.

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