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               He's In Your Face
                      CARROT TOP 
    If you want repetitive moments of uncontrollable laughter and tears of joy, the funny-looking guy with the curly red hair is the one to give it to you. He's a small fellow, but his jokes can knock over Goliath. When I first saw his stint, giggles remained in my stomach for days. I'm talking about Carrot Top. He's a comedian that is most definitely unlike any other. 

     His quirky toys, imitations of an infamous restaurateur's daughter and the antics about his own appearance are enough to put a smile on Homey De Clown the pessimistic character featured in reruns of the syndicated show "In Living Color." But where do those crazy pranks and clever thoughts come from? "From just being awake and looking at things," Carrot Top said. "It's kind of hard to explain," he states. Carrot Top was able to clarify as to where the Wendy's skit came from. "I was weird," he explains. "Many years ago while in Aruba, there were many visits to the 'Old Fashion Hamburgers' joint," he said and added, "one day an employee there just kept laughing. After asking what was wrong, he said the women held up a cup with a young Wendy's face on it and said, I look like her."  Now, his portrayal of the red-headed girl is a classic. "That's like my 'Free Bird.' They (fans) still yell it out," he said. No matter where he goes, Carrot Top can still count on people screaming, "it's Wendy." 

    Since the time when Carrot Top first went on stage with Wendy's cup, people have been going nuts over the skit. "That was probably about seven years ago," he said. "I started about 10 years ago," Carrot Top said of doing comedy. He has had lots of influences, including notable figures like George Carlin, Gary Shandling and Richard Pryor. "I got a little bit of each one of them," Carrot Top explains, but not too much. "I just try to be silly," he said. "It's an act not for everyone." Carrot Top states, "If your old enough to know about me then you're old enough to watch me." Basically, his show is suitable for those 14 years of age and older.

    If you have seen Carrot Top before there's no reason not to see him again. His comedy concert has evolved over the years. "I have to keep it fresh for me and the audience." Carrot Top said. New things are always being constantly added to his performance. My showcase on the big screen "Chairman Of The Board," was his first motion picture. "It was great. It's so different from what you do on stage. Their is no reaction, no crowd." Carrot Top tells of his first acting endeavor. There was also a lot of pressure. Unlike stand-up, with filming an actor has to stick with the script. And despite the nervousness of working on the project with an icon like Raquel Welch, Carrot Top played the chairman of a company that was once operated by a mad inventor who thinks Carrot Top is also an ingenious creator. Of the role, he said, "It's (kind of like) the person I am on stage." "Chairman Of The Board" is a rags-to-riches comedic story with lots of humor and romance. And of course, there's a woman involved along with a happy ending, Carrot Top says. His debut film is currently available on home video and is the first of three that Carrot Top will be featured in for Trimark Pictures.    By Forbes Riley