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    Donjo, the internationally renown artist-sculptor, was born in Chicago in 1949, and raised in southern California.  He was introduced to sculpture at the age of eleven and put himself through school by selling his bronze works at weekend art shows.  In 1987, he began to focus exclusively on sculpting, putting a strong emphasis on marine life.

    "I went to Hawaii and saw a 60-foot long whale breaching.  It was like seeing a building leave the water.  It scared me and then it was explained to me that she's docile and I couldn't imagine anything that big being docile.  All I could think of at the time was Moby Dick.  When I went home I started carving that whale and I had to get the right look because every time I tried to carve her, she looked like a big salmon.  Then I started reading those books and got very interested in sea life in general.  I started going to Sea World a lot and selling there."  So says artist Donjo, whose bronze and acrylic sculptures are so life-like that they seem ready to swim away at any moment.

    "I'm inspired not only by the animals I see, but by people.  I'll see the way a mother looks at her child and I'll try to capture that in a sculpture of a dolphin with her baby.  There are a lot of similarities."

    Before his eye-opening trip to Hawaii, Donjo sculpted human and fantasy figures - dragons, pixies, wizards and so forth.  "I changed because I got bored.  I needed to do something different."  His decision to explore other avenues has led to his worldwide success.  in a new line of exquisitely detailed Kalonite Acrylic sculptures, Donjo captures the true essence of the sea.  It is easy to understand how this artist's creations have attracted an international audience by seeing the majestic beauty of the hump-back whale or the playfulness of a family of dolphins.  However, he will not compromise his true objective which is to develop public awareness and to help with the preservation of marine life and other endangered species.

    Donjo's sculptures can be purchased in thirteen countries around the globe, with new markets opening all the time.  Donjo hopes his line of California wildlife sculptures will be as successful as his marine line.  Donjo is well known for his work in surrealism, realism and fantasy consisting of studies, portraits, fairytale characters and endangered species.  He is one of the few artists who constructs gallery, and monument size statues in three-dimension and bas relief.

   A percentage of Donjo's profits goes to the Hubs' Research Center, (at Sea World).  Hubs, a marine life research institute, sends research teams all over the world.  Among its attempts to solve problems created by man, Hubs seeks to find ways to save the green sea turtle and reintroduce the white sea-bass to the Pacific Ocean.
by Sheryl Stewart

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